The main objective of the Postgraduate Program in Technological and Environmental Chemistry, at master's and doctoral level, is to offer postgraduate students a professional training with a profile to act in teaching, research and extension in Chemistry. The egress will be able to develop consistent and priority research for the scientific and technological development of the Country, and particularly for society and the environment. In addition to the disciplines traditionally offered in postgraduate courses with general training in Chemistry, such as Analytical, Organic, Inorganic and Physical-Chemical Chemistry, the course offers disciplines with high technological and environmental content, such as Organometallic Compounds, Of Processes, Nanotechnology, Oleoquímica, Preparation of Samples, among others.

The program enables the egress to implement innovative laboratory methods, to add value to renewable raw materials, new compounds and materials, to produce pilot scale, to develop environmentally correct analytical methods, to perform quality control, to apply certification procedures and to execute specific original projects and Well-founded ones that are located at the border of science and are of strategic relevance for the country.

Finally, the PPGQTA, through the formation of a differentiated professional, contributes to the development of the southern region of the country, making it an attractive place for other professionals and of interest for the implementation of research and development projects that need new technologies And qualified human resources in the area of ​​Chemistry, favoring the generation of income and improvement in the quality of life.