PPGQTA was idealized considering mainly (i) the need to have a postgraduate program in Chemistry in the extreme south of the country, (ii) the region is quite impoverished but (iii) has high technological potential and (iv) the institution's vocation is focused on coastal and oceanic ecosystems. The PPGQTA started operating in January 2007 (DOU ordinance n° 73 01/17/2007- master course) and in 2012 we started offering the doctoral course (concept 4 - so far).

     The main goal is to offer students professional training with a profile to work in teaching, research and extension in Chemistry. Postgraduate students will be able to develop consistent and priority research for the country's scientific and technological development and, particularly, for society and the environment. In addition to the disciplines traditionally offered in postgraduate courses with general training in Chemistry, such as Advanced Analytical Chemistry, Advanced Organic Chemistry, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry and Advanced Physical-Chemistry, the course offers high-level technological and environmental disciplines.

     PPGQTA allows postgraduate students to implement innovative laboratory methods, add value to renewable raw materials, develop new compounds and materials, produce on a pilot scale, develop ecofriendly analytical methods, act on quality control as well as apply certification procedures. Additionally, the students develop the skills to elaborate and execute specific, original and well-founded projects that are situated on the boundaries of knowledge and have a strategic relevance for our region and country.

     So far, PPGQTA has formed more than 130 masters and 38 doctors within the four research lines of the program, which are:

- Synthesis, Isolation, Characterization and Application of Inorganic Compounds;
- Environmental Analytical Chemistry;
- Synthesis, Isolation, Characterization of Organic Compounds applied to Biological and Technological Fields;
- Preparation, Physical-Chemical Characterization and Application of Materials and Development of Molecular Models;

     For those who are interested in taking the academic master and doctoral courses with us, the program holds two annual selections inside and outside University of Rio Grande (FURG). Our postgraduate students work in several educational institutions (national and international) and research as civil servants as well as researchers (technicians or professors).

    Feel free to browse our website and learn a little more about PPGQTA !!